Be sure you know where the polling place is located.  Your polling place location is located on your voter registration card and is called the Box Number.  You can click here to find the address.  If you are voting early, you need to locate the early voting locations.

You may carry a sample ballot (Click here to download one) or a sheet of paper with you to help you remember who or what you decided to vote for.  Sample ballots may be obtained at the Anderson County Court House Annex before the election.  Please note:  Because of local voter issues, the ballots occasionally may be different from polling place to polling place; for example, one box may be in one school district and another box in a different school district.  Be sure you get the correct sample ballot.

If you need help getting to the poll, check this website's Home Page during the week before the election or on election day to find someone who will help you find a way to the poll.

At each polling place, markers designate an area inside which all electioneering materials are forbidden.  Do not put up signs inside this area.  Pins, t-shirts and items for or against any candidate, proposition or party are prohibited.  Cell phones and cameras are not allowed inside the polling place--leave those items in your car.